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Zara Ramsay

b.1993 - Essex
Lives and works in London.

I stretch but I’m not a yogi…but maybe I want to be, deep down.

I’m trying to make sense of the world, to connect with the universe, to it's innate spirituality and the latest gua sha facial massager or well being trend isn’t helping. Despite their frivolity however, they keep tugging at me. But then so does the desire to be near water - in nature. In order to resolve this continual wrestle I’ve decided to start working with them, together, digesting and reconfiguring them into sculpture and installation. 

Elements and details from both are channelled into a serious wonderland of scale where physical weight is undermined through a conflation of rough with soft and heavy with light. The outcome builds with an incongruity of materials, colours and forms. It is this tension I want the work to embody, familiar but never quite possible to pin down. In order to get here maquettes and cardboard models are always made first; a chance to touch and probe materials until they reach that bitter sweet friction. But so too just a chance to connect with materials - to feel out the world.


Allusions to energy fields, spiritual matters, ecological concerns and folk-culture, are integral to the creations and at the heart of my practice is a philosophy of spirituality and mindfulness to be found in this intersection between ourselves and the things that surround us.  


Since receiving her BA  from Central Saint Martins, Ramsay has continued to develop her practice independently whilst developing technical skills through studio placements including those at Troy Town Pottery, Aarron Angel’s ceramic studio. Her work has been in several exhibitions including WIMMIN II (2019) funded by Arts Council England and in the same year she was awarded first place in ArtWorks Open with Barbican Arts Group Trust. Most recently she was selected for the 2022 Gilbert Bayes Award with the Royal Society of Sculptors. 

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