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Zara Ramsay

b.1993 - Essex
Lives and works in London.

My works are an exploration of the spirit in all things, particularly in the context of our contemporary, insulated lifestyles which cut us off from the natural rhythms and intelligence of the Earth. Drawing on both spiritual and scientific sources, nature as a doorway into life’s mysteries and truth is explored to rekindle a sense of awe and enchantment with the world. Arising from a personal connection with more ancient ways of being and understanding, specifically towards the cosmos as a creative feminine force, ideas of power, sensuality, bodies and cycles of life and death are given form in ordered, tactile sculptural drawings, objects and installations.


Observing the spark like forms created when rain hits a shop shutter front or strange symbols on a malfunctioning oyster card reader, details from everyday experiences and objects are culled and compiled into an ongoing log of symbols and forms.  These are very consciously selected from, reimagined and combined with domestic objects and materials. This attention to detail is carried through in often labour intensive processes, seeing the making become an almost ritualistic endeavour and exactitude of the work giving authority to the idiosyncratic connections made. The play with scale invites the viewer to move between macro and micro, interior and exterior in the hope of ultimately feeling  a seamless blending of the two.


Since receiving her BA  from Central Saint Martins, Ramsay has continued to develop her practice independently whilst developing technical skills through studio placements including those at Troy Town Pottery, Aarron Angel’s ceramic studio. Her work has been in several exhibitions including WIMMIN II (2019) funded by Arts Council England and in the same year she was awarded first place in ArtWorks Open with Barbican Arts Group Trust. Most recently she was selected for the 2022 Gilbert Bayes Award with the Royal Society of Sculptors. 

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